Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Story Can Resume

Will you cry when I'm not there to hold your hand?
Will you remember the caress of my lips,
My breath on your neck,
The smell of my hair?
If you cast into my eyes,
Will you still feel the buring desire?
Will you fall asleep thinking of what we once had?
Will you miss me as I will miss you?
Will I ever see you again...

I will weep each time I reach out and you're not there.
I will relive every kiss,
Every touch,
Every playful moment.
I will have your gaze
Burned upon my soul forever.
And in my dreams, only you will haunt.
I will miss you with my entire being.
I am enduringly yours.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Edge of Desire

As John Mayer would say: I want you so bad I'll go back on the things I believe. There, I just said it. I'm scared you'll forget about me.

He couldn't have captured what I'm feeling any better. I've fallen so deep that I can't see. I'm lost down the rabbit hole and there's no telling when I'll find my way out again. The thing is, I might not want to find my out. Why can't I just stay in the blissful, ignorant world that I've built for myself? A place of refuge and solace is all I ever wanted.
Isn't this true for all human beings? A need to be accepted, to feel safe, to be loved.

We're all just living in one moment to the next. A seamless flow that makes life a little less complicated. We blind ourselves for our own protection because if we saw what really was, then we might not be what makes us human in nature - imperfect. Would Romeo have gone for Juilet if he had known the tragity that would befall him and his lover? Would Scarlett O’Hara have done things differently if she had known that her love would come too late? And, would I have still shamelessly fallen for the man whose heart I can't have?

It's unfair how life works. It holds your hand and whispers sweet things in your ear, but lets go when you're about to fall. And those whispers only turn out to be poisionous deviations from the truth. It's amazing how resilient people are! Even the most broken heart can be melted back together and even the most intense wave of sadness and loniness makes way for brighter days.

I am waiting for the sun.

Friday, February 5, 2010

in the thick of it

this is a tale of the undercover blonde. what is she exactly? well, on the outside she's the knockout girl-next-door. but, there's something to her that's more than meets the eye. she's like a good book: the more you learn of her, the more you'll be hooked. she'll intoxicate you, she'll thrill you, she'll sometimes scare the hell out of you. this is one blonde you don't want to mess with.

welcome to the world that is me. it's not so glamourous, but it's mine. take it as you will. my thoughts and opinions are never meant to offend, so take them with a grain of salt. enjoy :)