Friday, April 23, 2010


one month. four weeks. thirty-one days. it doesn't matter how you put it, it's still time past. I'm still here, but my mind is in a different place now. my heart is always with you, but it was never mine to keep anyway. how many more months must slip away before I get it back? two, three, forever? I can't seem to forget you, but can I ever forgive you? Sometimes, I don't see the point. Why reopen the wound? I have the answer: despite everything, I still love you. And, not in the same infatuated way I did before. this is something else, a more compassionate sort-of love. she may have you in taiwan, but I have you in my soul. and that is something you can never take away.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Dreaming with a broken heart is never easy.
You wish they would be there when you wake up.
You reach out and they're not there.
They're gone.

In your head you replay the moments over and over like a broken tape recorder.
In the end it's the same.
You try to forget.
They're gone.

You see them where ever you go - the grocery store, work, school, the walk home.
You feel them.
Waiting on a call that will never come.
They're gone.

You try to understand, but get nowhere.
You try to hang on to the good, but can still feel the sting of yesterday.
You try to move on.
They're gone.

Red eyes and somber look.
Drag your feet and fake a smile.
Going through the motions, but you're not aware.
They're gone.

Was it ever worth it?
The pain is numbing, but it won't last long.
A bitter taste left in your mouth.
They're gone.

Learning to live.
Learning to love.
Finding a strength you never thought you had.
They're gone.

Taking it day by day.
Fading memories can be haunting.
Scars remind us of wounds they inflicted.
Face it - they're gone.