Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Life Is A Fashion Show

I want you to want me. That's what everyone thinks in this city. We dress up and put on a show. Girls are expected to wear the skimpiest outfits, shoot a makeup gun at their face, and bleach the shit out of their hair. Where did female sexuality go? Where did the days go when we all didn't look like these generic, plastic dolls? The sad part is that most of us buy into it. Girls think they're sexy looking like cheap hookers and guys come to expect it as normal. Our mentality and ideals are twisted and conformed until what's left is something unnatural.

I took a stroll downtown today and it's all I could see - life is one big fashion show. It's not an uncommon thing to see a BMW with a new driver sign slapped on the back or a 16yr old wearing Armani. And, the adults aren't that better. Just take a look at housing prices in Vancouver. No one can really afford it, so we see people take out 50yr mortgages now. People are also trying to fool themselves into thinking their jobs are more significant than they really are. Take serving - some people think they're in the "industry", but go anywhere else and it's considered one of the lowliest jobs.

It's all a great deception. Whether it's because we're hiding from ourselves or because the media made us this way, I'm not sure. It makes me sad that we are the ones building these impossible standards for ourselves. Is there a way to fix this or is the next generation just as damned?